What is NursesDailyDose.com?
NursesDailyDose.com is THE place for nurses to share their funny, bizarre and memorable hospital anecdotes. These personal anecdotes can be funny, bizarre or memorable incidents, experiences and/or stories that have taken place at work.
NursesDailyDose.com aims to create a community for nurses nationwide to de-stress and be reminded about the pleasures of their jobs.
How does NursesDailyDose.com work?
NursesDailyDose.com visitors read and rate Doses submitted by nurses nationwide. Site visitors can also submit Doses to be featured on the site. All site submissions are reviewed before being published on the site. All submissions are also categorized by content type.
NursesDailyDose.com site visitors can also signup to “Get Your RX for the Daily Dose,” enabling them to receive the Daily Dose, every day in their inbox.
I've submitted my Dose, what happens now?
All submitted Doses are processed through a moderation system, in which Doses are reviewed and possibly edited for publication. NursesDailyDose.com reserves the right to deny any Doses from publication on the site; additionally, all submitted Doses are subject to modification.
Why was my Dose not published on the site?
NursesDailyDose.com receives hundreds of Doses a day. To keep our site themes fresh and interesting, we are only able to select the best Doses to be featured. Selected Doses are unique, well-written and memorable, bizarre and/or funny.
Why should I become a NursesDailyDose.com member?
Becoming a member of NursesDailyDose.com enhances the NursesDailyDose.com experience and offers additional site features including::
As a NursesDailyDose.com member you can create a personal profile to share information about yourself. Profile information includes your name, where you are from, your role as a nurse (nursing assistant, nursing student, etc.) and a picture. You will also choose a username and password while creating your profile. When creating your profile, you can also sign-up to automatically receive the Daily Dose in your inbox. Under your profile, your Dose submissions will also be listed.
VIP Status
NursesDailyDose.com members benefit from automatic recognition. Each time you log in, NursesDailyDose.com will automatically recognize your member status. This will enable you to submit Doses without re-entering your personal information. In the future, it will help you interact in the NursesDailyDose.com Nurses’ Station.
Diagnose Doses
NursesDailyDose.com members can rate dose submissions, expressing what they think about each Dose.
Share Doses with Your Network
NursesDailyDose.com members can share Doses with their Facebook friends and Twitter followers. To share a Dose with your Twitter followers, click on the Twitter icon to tweet the Dose. To share a Dose with your Facebook friends, click the Facebook icon to post the dose as your Facebook status.
If I am not a member, what can I do on NursesDailyDose.com?
NursesDailyDose.com site visitors can read and rate Doses.
How do I automatically receive Doses?
As a member, you will be featured in our “Meet the Nurses” section. This will include username with a link to your profile and dose.
If I am not a member, what can I do on NursesDailyDose.com?
NursesDailyDose.com site visitors can read and rate doses.
How do I automatically receive doses?
You can receive the daily dose by entering your email address in the designated “Get Your RX for the Daily Dose” section. Every day, you will then receive the daily Dose in your inbox.
Where else can I stay updated on NursesDailyDose.com?
Follow and friend NursesDailyDose.com on twitter and facebook to view featured ndd throughout the day.
Follow and friend NursesDailyDose.com on twitter and facebook to view featured Doses throughout the day.
How can I contact NursesDailyDose.com?
Email us at TheTeacher@NursesDailyDose.com.